'Success occurs in many small steps rather than one big one' –Michiko Yurko

Let’s Play!

Want to study Suzuki? The first small step to success is to play the piano every day.  Sing every day.

Ear out songs you’ve heard before.  Sing while you play.  Ready for more success?

Of course you’ll learn to play the piano and sing in music lessons, however you’ll also be getting a total brain workout, according to Dr. Anita Collins, music professor and academic researcher in the area of music education at University of Canberra.  Recently she created a video on just what happens to the brain during music education and why it’s so worthwhile.  Could you use:

  • improved cognitive funciton?
  • longer-lasting memory systems using contextual tags and linking processes?
  • increased language development?
  • moderated emotional states?
  • the power to solve complex logic, strategic, and conceptual life problems?
  • greater brain health even later into life?

Neuroscientists have found that musicians’ brains function differently than non-musicians.  FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machines and PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scanners allow scientists to see our brains working in real-time.  Motor, visual and auditory cortexes of the brain all work simultaneously during music education.  This creates a total brain workout and results in a larger bridge between the two hemisphere’s of the brain as well as more information traveling farther, faster, and more creatively.  What would happen if you exercised your arms, legs and core regularly for a week, a year, 10 years?  Would you become stronger?  More physically successful?  What would happen if you had music lessons for a week, a year, or 10 years?  The answer has already been scientifically proven.  Greater brain strength, willpower and emotional strength.  Better brain health, improved brain function and all the important life processes listed above.  I don’t know about you but I welcome such success!  And there’s even more music can do because it’s fun! It’s enjoyable.  It’s so satisfying to be able to play, sing, and perform great music you love!

Let’s get started one small musical success at a time.  And I’ll help you each step of the way!

Jackie Healey, M.A., music educator, performer, & advocate; let’s study Suzuki together!