Welcome to Jackie Healey’s Music Studio!


I love children, teaching and music! I achieved my Masters of Teaching in Education from Central Washington University in 2021 and my Bachelor of Arts in Music Pedagogy from BYU Provo, UT with an emphasis in both piano and voice. I enjoy learning and further honing my skills; I have taught over 200 music students at my local elementary school, in addition to my private students. I have studied with master teachers Jacki Block, Karlyn Brett, Diana Galindo, Gretchen Smith Brown, Cleo Brimhall, David Glen Hatch, and Kristine Tait (Kristine studied with Dr. Kataoka and Jane Tan). I have been teaching for over 25 years, served as Institute Coordinator securing artists and acts to perform for Suzuki youth and children, as well as Suzuki Area Chair, creating playing and learning opportunities for students and parent talks for families. My students have performed in the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) efestival with outstanding scores and in the Suzuki Association of the Americas 5 and 10 piano “Celebration” concerts. At an early age I began learning to play the piano using the Suzuki method. Growing up I competed in my community, including the International Jr. Gina Bachauer Piano Competition. I also spent three weeks performing in Europe on a Great German Composers Tour at age 17 –I even played Schumann’s Aufschwung (Soaring), Fantasiest├╝ck Op. 12 inside the gazebo from the Sound of Music! I believe every child can learn whatever their age!

Just as every child learns to speak a native language, I believe every child (and adult) can learn to speak –and play or sing, a musical language. This is what the Suzuki method, named for its founder the violinist, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki of Japan, upholds. Each student has high ability. I emphasize tone, technique and enlist lots of parental involvement to gain high ability during lessons while making music integral and fun.

Students will learn a variety of technical skills in music lessons such as deep tone, and correct technique, however, they may also learn crucial life skills such as discipline, tenacity, grit, focus, goal-setting, creativity, a love for the arts and an ear for good music among many other things. It is exciting to continue learning because it is so limitless!