Whether you have dreams to play on a stage like this one at the Assembly Hall in Salt Lake City or just for your family at home there is one thing to remember.  Music.  Yes you’ve heard the word countless times referring to the songs that fill your playlist, the low noise punctuating your shopping trips and elevator rides, the background in your favorite movies, and the stuff that fills your heart and sings you to sleep.  Well what is music?  What does it matter?

Music is the organization of sound and silence –thanks to my bookshelf copy of Webster’s musical dictionary and my 101 music theory class at BYU.  Music is much more that just an order of sounds.  It utilizes both sides of the  brain, it helps us remember things, it supports our health, but it also allows us to feel.  In the case of good music I hope you’ve experienced a feeling of beauty and gratitude.  This blog is dedicated to good music –and even more than that, to teaching good music.

Here you will find uplifting tools and tips to foster musical growth as you create a love of good music.  I’ve played here at the Assembly Hall during a Suzuki Celebration with 5 pianos and the picture reminds me of how I felt during the performance.  A little nervous, mostly excited, overcome with tangible emotions, alert and alive, so thankful and un-hurried, un-stressed –is that a word?  I wanted the notes to play and play.  That’s what good music is like.  You can be an extraordinary musician on and off the stage.  So whatever your piano goals let good music be your guide and I’ll help you get there.