Pay for lessons easily!  Pay online below or bring a check or cash to your lessons by the 15th of each month.  There is a 10% late fee.

PayPal.Me/jackiehealey Search for me by my name: @JackieHealeyPiano or Jackie Healey

School Year Tuition (9 months September through May):

Students are always enrolled for the full 9 mo. Tuition is the same each month regardless of the number of lessons actually attended. Private lessons are often 30 minutes and group masterclass lessons are 60 minutes.

There are many opportunities for musical learning and growth including 27 private lessons, 3 group (60 min.) masterclasses, and 1 studio recital performance. I combine each private lesson ($43.50 x 26 = $1131.00) and masterclass lesson ($21.75 x 3 = $65.25) to create one low price of $41.25 per lesson.

During the school year please pay the same each month regardless of the number of lessons as I divide the fee into 9 equal monthly installments.

$41.25 x 29 lessons (26* private and 3 masterclass) = $1196.25 / 9 months = $132.00

*There are actually 27 private lessons; however, I don’t charge you for 1 in case I need to cancel for any reason.

You are welcome to pay monthly by the 15th of each month or yearly by the 30th of September. I add 10% for late tuition. If your income changes for any reason please let me know; we will work out what you can trade for lessons, ie. goods or services.

1 student or 30 min. of private instruction is $132/month

45 min. is a discounted rate of $192/month

60 min. is a discounted rate of $252/month

1 hr. and 15 min. is a discounted rate of $312/month

1 hr. and 30 min. is a discounted rate of $372/month

1hr. and 45 min. is a discounted rate of $442/month

2 hrs is a discounted rate of $492/month

Summer Tuition (3 months June, July and August):

Tuition changes during the summer months.  I teach 6 weeks of summer lessons.  There is no set number of lessons required; you choose how many lessons to attend out of those 6 weeks.  Please refer to the summer calendar when available, calculate how many lessons you will attend and let me know; the payment will be $48 for each lesson (1 student or 30 min.). You may pay monthly or 1 lump sum for the entire summer.

Missed Lessons:

No credit is given for missed lessons. You may schedule a make-up lesson anytime or not; if the masterclass dates do not work with your schedule you may schedule a make-up private lesson the week of masterclass –generally the last week of the month. If there are extenuating circumstances and you miss several lessons in a row please talk with me.