A clear understanding of my policies saves time, energy and misunderstanding


Students are always enrolled for the full school year which consists of 9 months, September through May.  It is vital that at least this amount of time be allowed on both sides –student/family and teacher so that the experiences of this method are sufficient to appreciate the gains and joy that come from learning techniques in the Suzuki style.


Lessons are structured according to the needs of the child and the time may vary, particularly with the very young.  Generally, private lessons will be 30 min and a parent, guardian, or another piano coach age 14 or up attends with the student.  Group performance and theory classes, called masterclasses are 1 hour; parents/piano coaches do not need to attend masterclass.  Check with me for dates and times.

Listening, Discovery, & Practice:

Listening is first.  Hours of listening are required each day.  Load the Suzuki songs onto your electronic devices/phones and play them softly as background music, during meals, car rides, play time, bedtime and any time.  A good rule of thumb is 60% listening to current pieces and 40% listening to the whole book.  Turning on the music for listening is the parent’s or piano coach’s responsibility not the student’s.  How many hours a day did you listen to your native language before you began to speak?

Discovery encompasses offering choices for your student and allowing them to make mistakes as they discover the melodies. Encourage, support, uplift, and cheerlead your child(ren).

Practice depends on the child’s level and ability to concentrate.  Establish a routine with your child’s input and maintain it.  Shorter practice sessions are usually better than one long one.  Be kind.  Be encouraging.  Remember MANY PERFECT REPETITIONS are required to develop high ability.  Practice makes perfect only if the practice is perfect; ‘parents with smiling faces have children with smiling faces.’ –Dr. Suzuki