How many hours did you listen to your native language before you began to speak?  I know you’ve heard it on every Suzuki website for years.  Listen. Listen. Listen.  It’s the key to success –well one of the keys.  Of course the more your brain listens to something the easier it will be to let it come out through your fingers.  But just because something is simple doesn’t mean you always do it.

Download your Suzuki songs onto your phones, tablets, alexa –all your electronic devices.

Try playing your Suzuki songs at meals, or choretime, or playtime or bedtime; choose a set time each day and press play on whatever device is closest.

Try humming or singing your Suzuki songs; let your children correct you if you make any mistakes or intended wrong notes or words.

Skip past the twinkles; I know it’s not traditional but if you’re family members are not understanding of each and every twinkle song pounding through the house then skip to the pieces rather than have a mutiny on your hands.  You could ask your child to play the twinkles in person instead.  Playing twinkles in different registers and in different keys or with duets can also make them palatable to other household members.  They’ll come around.  Keep trying.  You may even try teaching the twinkles to each member of the family or better yet have your child teach them –they’re really very fun and simple rhythms to learn.

Find other recordings of your songs; its fun for your child to hear how someone else plays their songs.  Youtube, libraries, community performances and professional musicians all have wonderful recordings and concerts available.  Search the song at your next long checkout line, bank visit, dentist/dr appointment, DMV or the like.

Good luck listening!